We've Got Exciting News!


We are excited to announce that beginning January 1, 2020, we will be under new ownership. The current owner, Irina Rokhberg, feels bittersweet leaving the wonderful place she built so many years ago, but is happy to pass on her business to the women who have been lovingly running it for the past five years.


Morgan Lennon and Natalie Fuertes are thrilled to become the new co-owners of Industry Gymnastics (formerly known as LIC Kids Gymnastics)!


What does this mean for you?


From a day-to-day perspective, things will remain “business as usual”. Schedules, tuition, staff, and phone number all remain the same except that now, the two women who have been managing the business for the past few years, are officially proud co-owners. From now until January, the website and emails will still be under the name LIC Kids. Beginning in January, they will transfer to Industry Gymnastics. Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email with everyone’s updated contact info in January!


In addition, there will not be any changes to our system when you register for the upcoming session, but you will see a new business name: Industry Gymnastics.


What does this mean for us?


As mentioned, we’ve changed our name! Beginning January 1, 2020, LIC Kids Gymnastics will officially become Industry Gymnastics. We can't wait to share our new logo and signage with you so stay tuned!


Our story continues...


When we took over managing LIC Kids Gymnastics, we set out to create a facility in the neighborhood that not only taught gymnastics, but was also a place whose mission was to be inclusive to all. This mission and vision is how our current offerings of special needs classes and gender expansive programs were born. Having the opportunity to officially own the business that we love so much is what will lead us into the next chapter of our story. So stay tuned to see where this takes us!


Thank you!


We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for trusting us with your children over the last 10 years and for sticking with us through all of the changes along the way. Our management team, our administrative staff, and our coaches come to work everyday determined to make our facility a second home for all of our families. This commitment remains stronger than ever during this exciting time!


Again, we are incredibly excited to step into this next chapter for our business and are grateful to have you and your children join us along the way!


With gratitude and excitement and so many overwhelming emotions,


Morgan Lennon & Natalie Fuertes

Co-Owners of Industry Gymnastics

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